Say Cheese!

July 12, 2022

Simard & Co. Is a Cheese Lover's Paradise!

Every weekend, Joe Garreffa and Scott Young - both fresh out of college - used to find themselves hanging around Philadelphia's Italian Market. It's a food-lover's paradise: you can wander, smell, and taste your way through new and classic foods, and pick up fresh and affordable ingredients to cook up at home. Their love for ethnic markets continued to grow, and led them on expeditions to Napa, Lyon, Rome, Havana, and event St. Petersburg and Melbourne, to explore what those food-focused areas had to offer.

Almost 20 years and a young son later, the two seized the opportunity to own the food store of their dreams. Nyack's Simard & Co., a beloved gourmet shop on Broadway filled with international cheeses, provisions, and charcuterie, was up for sale.

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